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Since the first Shuttertalk Hampshire meeting, I've found myself privately corresponding with some of the attendees, in an attempt to help answer questions and give advice to new and would be Shutterstock Contributors.

As the answers to the questions raised could be useful to everyone within the group, it makes sense to start a Facebook Group, that will allow members to ask questions, get advice, share ideas, successes and failures, and generally get to know each other a little better.

The group is a 'Closed' group, meaning that you can chat openly, secure in the knowledge that only approved members will be able to see your posts.

The purpose of the group is to discuss 'all things stock', and is not necessarily specific to Shutterstock and doesn't require you to be a Shutterstock contributor to join. Hopefully, the members will be able to answer your questions, as well as providing a useful platform to share resources, such as links to tutorials and articles, and Free Commercially Licensed fonts, etc.

Making new friends in the area can only be a bonus, and the free Shuttertalk workshops will give us an opportunity to get together every few months.

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