Dreamcatchers in a breeze, Monument Valley, Utah, USA.

A couple of days back, Helen Coffey of the Daily Express, interviewed me to try and establish whether or not I actually do have the best job in the world. I certainly get to travel with a camera and, (eventually), those travels are paid for by the sales of images taken along the way, so I guess it's a pretty good deal.

But is it as good as it sounds?

Imagine all those wonderful sites that we see in documentaries, travel brochures and blogs - those iconic places such as Petra and The Pyramids. Anyone who has ever visited knows that the majestic glory of these ancient wonders is often obscured by crowds and street vendors and the atmosphere is hot and dusty. Tours are at set times, and those times don't usually coincide with the light conditions that every photographer dreams of. Many times nature is against you, and quick thinking on your feet is needed to ensure you capture something.  So whilst it sounds pretty glamorous, it can be hard work. As I explained to Helen, there are obviously perks to this job but my travels are not really a holiday, (I usually get home feeling exhausted rather than refreshed), and it's essential to return with plenty of good material.

Let's also not forget all the additional post-processing that has to be done at a computer screen after the event, as well as the tedious task of captioning, keywording, uploading and waiting for your images to be approved for sale. All that before you've even earned a cent!

So would I recommend stock photography as a career? No - probably not! It certainly isn't a scheme to get rich quick and it's unpredictable, with contributors being at the mercy of stock sites, who often make changes that affect sales with no warning, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

As a hobby and additional income though, why not? I have managed to invest in great equipment and have financed several trips to far-flung lands, all from the images I have taken along the way. Oh, and making some great friends around the world has been the cherry on the cake so, all in all, I probably do have the best job in the world. Read the full story at express.co.uk

Anyone wishing to try their luck as a stock photographer can sign up to Shutterstock here:

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